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24 May 2023
Bucharest, Romania
Hack4reSTART Bucharest | Romania

Raluca Radu
With an extensive experience of over 18 years in digital marketing, Raluca is deeply involved in the education and growth of e-commerce in Central and Eastern Europe, also being the co-organiser of GPeC – The Most Important E-Commerce Event in CEE, and the founder of the MTH Digital – Digital marketing agency for e-commerce

Dorin Andreica
Entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in business software implementation, Dorin is the Managing Partner of Soft Net Consulting. He graduated from the Faculty of Business Administration within the West University of Timisoara and has experience in business flux automation in industries like: viticulture and wine, FMCG, transports and retail.

Enric Pedros

Enric Pedrós is a Cluster Manager at FEMAC: The Catalan Cluster of Agricultural Production Means in Lleida, Catalonia, Spain. He received his Bachelor in Management and Business Administration from Lleida University. He also holds other study qualifications in International Trade from The Ney York University, and has completed courses in cluster managing in IESE Business School in Barcelona, Spain. Enric is interested in Cluster Innovation systems, and almost all part of its professional experience has been enrolled on this issues. He joined the Catalan Cluster FEMAC in 1998, and since then has been involved in Marketing, internationalization and Innovation Projects for the companies and members of the cluster, and 2012 FEMAC received by the European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis, sponsored by the EU Commission the recognition of the Gold Label, to his excellent management in Clusters. He is also member of TCI-Network, an International Cluster Organization.

Virgil Profeanu
Virgil Profeanu is a multi-disciplinary experienced businessman, capable of coordinating large-scale business and projects. He is a promoter of the automation of design and business processes through the use of artificial intelligence, and the developer of RENDA - Reality Emulation with Native Data Analytics. He owns, under the umbrella of VEGO HOLDINGS, lines of business in the fields of design, project management, construction, business consultancy, media, and software development.


Costin Lianu
Coordinator of Wallachia eHub, digital transformation centre; President of Inter-Bio, Romania, umbrella association for organic products (www.inter-bio.ro), affiliated internationally to IFOAM EU and TP Organics; President of ACEX, Association of Export Centers (www.acex.ro); Associate professor in innovation management, economic diplomacy, international trade, market access; Coordinator or facilitator for several Romanian clusters and founding member of “Clustero”, the Romanian cluster association; Member of Consultative Committee on EU Strategy for the Danube Regio.

Razvan Suta
He represents a a group of consulting companies, REI FINANCE ADVISORS, REI INTERNATIONAL CONSULTING and TOUCHED MARKETING specialized in the development, implementation and monitoring of investment projects, both on non-refundable European funds and through state aid schemes.

With over 10 years of experience in this field, our specialists easily adapt to market requirements, knowing very well the mechanisms of non-refundable funds, and identify opportunities for obtaining financing from internal and external sources.

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Bucharest, Romania
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