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24 May 2023
Bucharest, Romania
Hack4reSTART Bucharest | Romania

ReStartSMEs is the initiative promoted by the European Commission to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and thus economic downturn. The project aims to build resilience of manufacturing SMEs in automotive, machinery & equipment, food and textile by analyzing their digitalization needs and offering concrete tools to adopt modern technologies such as AI, robotics, cybersecurity & IoT.

The goal of the project is to boost SMEs affected by the pandemic in the sectors of automotive, machinery & equipment, food and textile. By matching SMEs with technology providers through Strategic Alliances, beneficiaries will access new technologies such as AI, robotics, cybersecurity and IoT as well as assistance in the innovation of process, product and business models.

The project is implemented by a consortium of five European Clusters (bwcon, Torino Wireless, Mobinov, Clustero, Linpra), two technology providers (Eurecat and Imec) and a Community of European tech Innovators (FundingBox Accelerator).

More details about the project can be found HERE.

Closed since 30 June 2023
Bucharest, Romania
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Participants 107
Meetings 78
Romania 76
Bulgaria 10
Ukraine 5
Spain 3
Portugal 2
Belgium 2
Estonia 2
North Macedonia 2
Austria 1
Albania 1
Morocco 1
Luxembourg 1
Germany 1
Total 107
Tech Savvy SME (ICT) (Digitalisation Offers) 53
Other (clusters, RDI organisations, public bodies, other) 39
Manufacturing SME (Digitalisation challenges, demands) 11
Total 103